Annica Installation

Annica Installation

Exhibition space for Serving Up Style, the signature fundraising event for Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus. With design concept ANNICA: The Buddhist Concept of Impermanence, this theoretic restaurant offers dynamic dining with an ever-changing menu. Appearing able to fold or morph, ANNICA reminds us that life is a matter of perspective, and stasis is but an illusion. Welcome to change. Proud recipient of the Designer’s Choice Award for overall excellence, DYER STUDIO showcased several personal touches, including the ANNICA logo design, branded folded plates and menus, pendant lighting fixtures, custom fabric for ottoman poufs, and shim wall installation.


Concept Development  ▫  Space Planning  ▫  Branding + Logo Design  ▫  Object Creation + Curation  ▫  Installation


Molly’s Fund  ▫  Tabletop by Canoe  ▫  Handmade rug by Atelier Lapchi  ▫  Trivets by Clayhaus Ceramics  ▫  Harding Construction