Macy’s Window

As a benefit for Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, Macy’s in downtown Portland hosted six windows for designers to showcase American Icons: People and Places. A collaboration between colleagues Stephanie Dyer and Megan Millie, this installation drew on collective experience in hospitality and retail design to set a stage: Partnership in Paradise. Exhibiting a mutual love of high design and visual merchandising, the duo examined and abstracted the concept of the tropics as a destination, and its connection with intimacy. Focusing on Waikiki, one of America’s top destinations, as inspiration, Megan and Stephanie composed a captivating environment of entirely handmade and found objects.


Concept Development  ▫  Object Creation + Curation  ▫  Installation


Macy’s  ▫  Molly’s Fund  ▫  Megan Millie Design ▫  Ryan Beane Photography