Kenton Midcentury Suite

Kenton Midcentury Suite

Our Kenton Midcentury project was an exercise in freeing ourselves from the confines of square walls. In rethinking the organization of space into a diagonal format, we were able to achieve maximum use and discover unexpected opportunities.  

Our clients approached us seeking an inspiring, functional bathroom and wardrobe. What once was a three-piece bathroom encased by underutilized closets has been transformed into a dynamic suite. We explored several schemes, the standout of which pulled inspiration from their central angled fireplace. The innovative space plan allowed us to devote square footage where it was needed (at the tub), and hold back where less critical (at the shower). Additionally, it enabled us to incorporate a Mud Space at the Foyer, creating an area for loose shoes and hanging items close in, though tucked out of sight, from the front door.

The palette emerged from the Kast concrete basin color palette, and the terrazzo followed. We found a perfect marriage between the Umber color and Terrazzo Forte by Design & Direct Source. The natural element of white oak brings a warm presence to the otherwise crisp, hard surfaces. The black fixtures, simple in form and function, complete the modern aesthetic.


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