Curated Colors

Curated Colors

Meet Dyer Studio’s Curated Colors of 2021.

There are colors we find ourselves returning to time and time again. They set the mood of a space, balance a palette, or move us in ways we may not understand.

We used to question our repetition, even judge it. Now we’re embracing it.

Here we’re highlighting the colors that continue to resonate with us; these are our Tried and Trues. We’re reflecting on, and honoring, Color as an elemental principle of design. These selections are of the moment- a reaction and reflection of design up to 2021- yet as timeless as we can imagine.

Showcased in our new location- an 1898 Storefront Home lovingly deemed Little Sur– our Curated Colors installation expands the medium of paint by coating an unlikely substrate- cotton muslin strips- and pinning them along a clothesline. A soft and playful rainbow, we’re reminded we live in a wonderfully colorful world.


Spencer Eide (photography)