Beech Haus ADU

Beech Haus ADU

Converted from an existing Tuff Shed garage, the Beech Haus ADU welcomes short stay guests in the heart of the bustling Williams Corridor neighborhood.

Natural light dominates this self-contained unit, with windows on all sides, yet maintains privacy from the primary unit. Double pocket doors between the Living and Bedroom areas offer spatial flexibility to accommodate a variety of guests and preferences. And the open vaulted ceiling makes the space feel airy and interconnected, with a playful nod to its origin as a truss-framed garage.

A play on the words Beach House, we approached this space as if it were a cottage on the coast. Durable and functional, with simplicity of form, this home away from home is cozied with curated treasures and accents. We like to personify it as a vacationer: breezy, lively, and carefree.


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Owen Gabbert LLC  ▫  Rachel Jones Artwork  ▫  Christopher Dibble Photography